Author Videos

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #’s 11 and 31
These video programs together discuss the concepts of regression analysis and analysis of variance (ANOVA) using examples of both which show practical applications.

University of Utah

This program examines inferential statistics and the uses of multiple regression. It looks at the topic by using baseball as an example.

Multivariate Student Presentation

This video provides an illustration of how students used multivariate analysis to gather insight into satisfaction levels with the government of Venezuela. It is a good example of how students identified research questions, collected data, and tested their hypotheses.

Statslectures - Introduction to ANOVA

This video introduces students to the concept of ANOVA, the different types, its assumptions, and how it is calculated with the F statistic.

Statistics Learning Centre

This program introduces the concept of time series analysis, explaining what it is by using specific examples, and how the findings provide a useful analytical tool.