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Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #16 Census and Sampling
Video #16 of this series discusses the concept of a census along with process of sampling, complete with specific examples such as the U.S. Census Bureau.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #17 Sample and Surveys
Video #17 of this series uses the University of New Hampshire Survey Center as a case study to better understand how surveys are created and administered to a sample of the population. It also considers the concept of generalizability, by using the findings to make inferences of the population.

Statistics Learning Center

This video explores the differences in simple random, convenience, systematic, cluster, and stratified sampling. It outlines the process, along with advantages and disadvantages of each.

U.S. Census Bureau: Ensuring Accuracy

This video examines how the U.S. Census Bureau collects data on large numbers. This program explores accuracy and how to reduce the likelihood of error.

U.S. Census Bureau: American Community Survey - Block Group Data

This video looks closer at how the U.S. Census Bureau provides communities important data that are used to make informed decisions. It particularly examines the data collection and storage processes for local communities.