Author Videos

Against All Odds -- #15 Designing Experiments
This video examines how usable data are generated from experiments, and specifically covers an example from a medical case study relating to osteoarthritis treatments.

Southern Methodist University College of Humanities and Sciences

This video lecture provides an excellent discussion on the use of randomized experiments as applied to the field of economics. It is a particularly helpful discussion in terms of generating data to evaluate policies to better understand the causal relationships between policies and their impacts.

George Mason University Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy

This video examines the topic of implementing evidence-based analysis using randomized experiments, as part of a study on evaluating programs for at-risk-youth. The speaker discusses how one set of children were randomly assigned to a treatment group exposed to an after-school program, and another group to a control group of children who did not participate in the program. He discusses the outcomes of this research study.

J-Pal: The Next Decade

This video examines the role of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) and its vision for the next ten years in supporting and encouraging the researchers of the network to explore issues in poverty.

CBS News - Homeless children in Florida

This CBS News story examines research on the plight of homeless children in the state of Florida, coinciding with the beginning discussion on Florida’s Family Transition Program in chapter 14.