Author Videos

Mayo Clinic

This video by the Mayo Clinic’s Survey Research Center examines the various aspects of research design, and how the process is implemented by interviewers. The topics discuss include instrument development, the sampling process, and data processing.

Journal of the American Medical Association - Survey of Physician Views

This video provides a practical look at a survey administered to U.S. physicians to measure how they perceive their roles and responsibilities in helping to control costs while improving quality care for patients.

CBS News - Consumer Confidence 

This CBS News video examines trends from the consumer confidence survey conducted by the University of Michigan, finding that confidence among younger Americans is up from previous rates.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics - #16 Census and Sampling
Video #16 of this series examines the U.S. Census Bureau’s ten year census survey, and how this process collects a large body of local demographical data which is aggregated upward.