Author Videos

Against All Odds -- #30 Inference for regression
This video examines how regression analysis was used by statisticians to study the falling peregrine falcon population numbers due to DDT pesticide levels .

St. Michael’s Hospital

This video parallels the beginning of chapter 13 of the course textbook, by examining the effects of rising cigarette taxes on smoking. It specifically draws in research from the New England Journal of Medicine to show that increasing prices cause smoking rates to decrease.

Cornell University

This program examines the topic of education and earnings found in chapter 13, by considering measurements of productivity and the effects on the workforce. The program highlights that it is difficult to separate out true causality for schooling on earnings, and considers this issue from the standpoint of conducting research.

University of Manchester

This video provides a comprehensive look at causal inference and quantifying the relationship between causes and outcomes. It provides practical applications to medicine and the behavioral sciences, and also considers the role that control variables play in the analytical process.