Video and Multimedia

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A Look Back at a Predicted ‘Clash of Civilizations’
This audio clip is a discussion of Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” argument, run on National Public Radio to mark the twentieth anniversary of the article.


The Future of History with Francis Fukuyama
In this interview for Foreign Affairs live, Francis Fukuyama—the originator of the “End of History” argument—elaborates and ties together many of his ideas, over 20 years after his original article was published.

Gordon Brown on Global Ethic Versus National Interest
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown discusses the balance between global citizenship and national interests in this TED Talk focusing on changing identities in the twenty-first century.

Web Resources

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
This is the website for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which seeks to offer independent news programming for citizens of states that restrict independent media.

Religion in International Affairs
The website of the Initiative on Religion in International Affairs at Harvard University compiles several articles, studies, and commentaries dealing with the role of religion in 21st century politics.