Video and Multimedia

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20 Years Ago: The First Gulf War
This video provides a short newsreel-type overview of the origins of the Persian Gulf War.

Collective Security in the Post-Cold War
This lengthy video from 1993 features the congressional testimony of Lawrence Eagleburger, President George H.W. Bush’s secretary of state. In it, Eagleburger discusses security issues in the post-Cold War world. Eagleburger’s testimony begins around the 12-min mark.

The Surprising Way ISIS Stays In Power
This video demonstrates how ISIS and other groups are able to win over territories by acting like a liberal government or organization--though providing a multitude of social and public services.

Web Resources

United Nations Peacekeeping
This website provides information on United Nations peacekeeping operations.

International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty: Responsibility to Protect Report
This Council on Foreign Relations page includes a key segment of the Responsibility to Protect Report, which lays out the background of the report and the key points of the doctrine.

International Court of Justice
This is the official site of the ICJ, and it contains such information as cases currently on its docket and decisions made for past cases.

Why We Will Soon Miss the Cold War
This link to a John Mearsheimer article argues that the Cold War was good for liberal organizations and collective peace. Once the Cold War ended, new realist concerns could create many issues, especially for Europe.

  1. Is bipolarity better in the long run?
  2. Would a rekindling of the Cold War possibly stabilize the situation in Syria?