Video and Multimedia

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Timothy Snyder: ‘Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin’
This presentation by Prof. Timothy Snyder, a historian, discusses the mass killings perpetrated in the Eastern European “bloodlands”—the area between Berlin and Moscow—by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

This video includes footage of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announcing that an agreement had been signed with Adolf Hitler—the most noted example of appeasement in modern times.

Bruce Thornton—The Wages of Appeasement
In this Hoover Institution interview, Prof. Bruce Thornton discusses historical examples of the strategy of appeasement (beyond the Munich Crisis of 1938).

Collective Security
This is a brief segment from a 1935 newsreel features Sir Samuel Hoare, the British Foreign Minister, speaking about Britain’s commitment to collective security.

Web Resources

World War Two (BBC)
This multimedia, interactive site-sponsored by the BBC contains photo galleries, audio clips, and numerous articles about World War II.

PBS: D-Day
This PBS website accompanies a documentary on D-Day and contains maps, a timeline, interviews with D-Day participants, and letters from soldiers.