Answers to Test Yourself

(1a) Introduction and Discussion sections. (1b) Results section. (1c) Method section, Materials subsection. (1d) Method section, Participants subsection. (1e) any of the major sections can contain a citation: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion--the Abstract may also contain citations. (1f) Method section, Procedure subsection. (2) only b and e are true. (3) a and c are correct. (4) Correct order: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Participants, Procedure, Results, Discussion, References. (5) b. (6) An oral presentation provides an oral description of the major sections of a research report, typically with visual aids such as PowerPoint. There is often a time limit for oral presentations. Poster presentations provide a visual report of a research study, including each major section of the report. Authors are typically on site to provide oral summaries or more detailed information about the study the poster describes. (7) Method. (8) Results. (9) Abstract. (10) an alphabetical list of all sources cited in a paper.