Answers to Test Yourself

(1) b. (2) d. (3) a. (4) c. (5) If we do not have conscious awareness of the conflict (if it is unconscious), then it would be difficult to support the existence of this conflict through direct observations of behavior. In other words, it is difficult to falsify this theory by directly observing behavior. (6) Parsimony (assuming that simple explanations are more likely to be correct) is useful in psychological studies because this assumption makes it easier to test explanations of behavior. It is easier to devise a study that can falsify a simple explanation than to devise a study to falsify a more complex explanation. (7a) applied. (7b) basic. (7c) basic. (7d) applied. (7e) basic. (7f) applied. (7g) basic. (7h) basic. (8) confirmation bias. (9) observation. (10) external validity.