Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: LGBT Youth in the Juvenile Justice System 
Description: The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative’s video depicts a practice guide for working with youth who identify as LGBT youth in the juvenile justice system. 

Video 2: Through Our Eyes--Children, Violence, and Trauma 
Description: This video discusses how violence and trauma affect children, including the serious and long-lasting consequences for their physical and mental health; signs that a child might be exposed to violence or trauma; and staggering costs of child maltreatment to families, communities, and the Nation. 

Audio 1: The Forgotten War on Drugs: Release of Drug Offenders Strain Communities
Description: National Public Radio, Special Series: The Forgotten War on Drugs. 

Web 1: Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2014 
Description: The National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education and Bureau of Justice Statistics report on indicators of school crime and safety. 

Web 2: Racial Disparities in Youth Commitments and Arrests 
Description: While youth incarceration has declined sharply over the last decade, racial disparities have actually increased. This Sentencing Project report reviews the nationwide and state-by-state status of racial and ethnic disparities in commitments and the likely impact of growing racial disparities in arrests.