SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1

McBrier, D., & Wilson, G. (2004, August). Going down? Race and downward occupational mobility for white-collar workers in the 1990s. Work and Occupations, 31(3), 283–322.

  • Review Table 3, p.301. What conclusions can you draw about downward mobility of African Americans and white workers in 1990? (Use percentages.)

Article 2

Phillips, T., & Smith, P. (2004, December). Emotional and behavioural responses to everyday incivility: Challenging the fear/avoidance paradigm. Journal of Sociology, 40(4), 378–399.

  • How do people feel and how do they react when confronted with an uncivil action by a stranger in a common-place situation? Discuss this question based on the evidence presented in Phillips and Smith in Tables 2 through 4. Use percentage comparison in your discussion.

Article 3

Hill, T. D., Kaplan, L. M., French, M. T., & Johnson, R. J. (2010). Victimization in early life and mental health in adulthood: An examination of the mediating and moderating influences of psychological resources. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 51(1), 48–63.

  • How did the authors of the following article test for multicollinearity?
  • What intervening variables did they use to test for interaction effects?
  • This article is unique in that it contains an end section on how the findings can be specifically applied to public policy. What is the importance of having this section in this particular article? How can it be used to inform public policy?