Web Exercises

In Chapter 6 we learned about the importance of sampling and sampling distributions. For this activity we will look at the importance of sampling; and how it can change, how it may change, and how you interpret results of a study.

As an instructor you can go to the following website to get the directions on how to implement the activity: https://kcpt.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/mkqed-math-md-zimmerman/responses-to-a-court-verdict-analyzing-samples-to-gain-understanding/#.WRS_m2_ysz0. Click on support materials and it will have a list of questions for you to talk to your students about before the students click on the link to the infographic below this description. Because this activity was built more for a high school-aged group, you will want to adapt some of the instructions to fit the needs of your class (e.g., instead of providing facts about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, you may have the class recount what happened or provide a newspaper article that described the situation).

Have your students click on the following link to access an interactive infographic: https://infogr.am/Big-Racial-Divide-Over-Zimmerman-Verdict. They will use this infographic to explore the data and the differences among three racial groups on sensitive questions related to the Zimmerman trial.

After the students explore the interactive infographic, lead them in a rich discussion about how this might come into play during jury trials where lawyers select a sample of people to represent society (i.e., jurors).