Web Exercises

Create a quick question that will allow you to collect data on an ordinal, interval, or ratio level of measurement (e.g., what year are you in school). Take the data from your classmates and insert it into the Histogram Maker at http://www.socscistatistics.com/descriptive/histograms/. Make sure to separate your data by commas. If you have values in the thousands or beyond do not use a comma (e.g., write 1,000 like 1000).

After you hit generate, it will take you to a page where you will have a frequency distribution and a histogram. You will note that the program automatically selected the class interval (which this website calls class range), and you have the option to edit the class interval in the Edit Tool. Determine if the program calculated an appropriate class interval, if not, adjust it in the edit tool. The number of classes indicates how many class intervals that you would like to include, that is, lowest class value is the lowest class interval that you have data for, and specific class range allows you to determine the appropriate class interval width. After you have made adjustments, click the “Edit Histogram” button and will give you the edited frequency distribution and histogram. After creating these using the program, examine the frequency distribution and histogram and answer the following questions: (1) What are the strengths of this frequency distribution and histogram? (2) What are the weakness of this frequency distribution and histogram? (3) How different would the frequency distributions and histograms look if you made them by hand? and (4) Is this online tool a useful resource?