SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1

Sabina, C., & Tindale, R. S. (2008, April). Abuse characteristics and coping resources as predictors of problem-focused coping strategies among battered women. Violence Against Women, 14(4), 437–456.

  • Using the multiple regression results presented in Table 3, identify the significant predictors of “help seeking”.
  • As indicated on page 447, the overall model as presented in Table 3 has an overall R2 of .24. Using this information, how well do the factors accounted for in Table 3 predict “help seeking”?

Article 2

Sirin, S. R., & Rogers-Sirin, L. (2004, March). Exploring school engagement of middle-class African American adolescents. Youth & Society, 35(3), 323–340.

  • What is the relationship between school engagement, educational expectation, self-esteem, and parental factors? Answer these questions using Table 2; Interpret the correlations using PRE framework.
  • How well do each of the factors mentioned in the article predict academic performance? Use R2 presented in Table 3 to answer this question.

Article 3

Vick, R. M., & Packard, W. (2008). Academic success strategy use among community-active urban Hispanic adolescents. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 30(4), 463–480.

  • Were the authors’ original hypotheses proven or disproven?
  • Are there any questions that you may have added to the measures on page 468?
  • Examine Table 1 on page 472. If this table were presented as is on an exam, would you be able to interpret the significant findings and provide a summary?