Internet Activities

Chapter 11

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Exercise #1

Go to This site contains various tutorials that will reinforce the information you’ve learned throughout the text. For example, under Stat Tables, click on Chi-Square. Click on Sample Problems and read through the problems and solutions. Browse through the site to learn more about Chi-Square.

Exercise #2

By now, you have probably had at least some exposure to one or more statistical software packages (e.g., SPSS). Despite its conveniences, the use of statistical software often comes with its own set of problems. One such problem that is particularly potent for students new to statistics is how to interpret the various quantities that are produced by SPSS when calculating the values of lambda and gamma for nominal and ordinal variables. To illustrate this, navigate to the following URL:

This presentation will take you through two SPSS examples, one using lambda and one using gamma, from start to finish. Many of the nuances of interpreting an SPSS output are covered. At the end of the presentation, make a list of three things that you did not know about calculating or interpreting lambda or gamma before you viewed these slides. Can you think of other information that was not included in the presentation that would also be useful to have included in this presentation?