Internet Activities

Chapter 5

Click on the following links - please note these will open in a new window

As with the Web exercise for Chapter 4, we return to Canada’s government Web site, Statistics Canada, of Canada's central statistical agency, available at the following URL:

Once you are on the site, begin by selecting the link for the range and quartiles. Read through all of the examples and click on the various hyperlinked terms. After you complete this module, return to the original URL and select Variance and Standard Deviation link. After you have completed the modules, click the Exercises link at the bottom of the menu. Work through each of the exercises that relate to the modules that you covered. As you go along, you have the opportunity to view the answers to the questions as you complete them by clicking on the various links associated with each question. This will allow you to gauge your level of comprehension as you work through the problems. Once you have completed these exercises, examine those questions that were the most difficult for you and develop a strategy for addressing these difficulties.