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Discover Sociology presents sociology as a discipline of curious minds. What key social forces construct and transform our lives as individuals and as members of society? How does our social world shape us? How do we shape our world? The authors inspire curiosity about the social world and empower students by providing the theoretical, conceptual, and empirical tools they need to understand, analyze, and even change the world in which they live. 

Discover Sociology is organized around four main themes. The first two--"The Sociological Imagination" and "Power and Inequality"-- are perennial concerns that date back to sociology's founding as a discipline. The second two--"Technological Tranformations of Society" and "Globalization"--focus on two key issues at the heart of contemporary sociological inquiry. The text also reveals the practical side of sociology. A feature called "Behind the Numbers" shows students how to be critical consumers of social science data reported in the media. And, every chapter addresses the question, “What can I do with a sociology degree?” by linking the knowledge and skills acquired by studying sociology with specific jobs and career paths. 


We gratefully acknowledge William J. Chambliss and Daina S. Eglitis for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Claire Cook, Chris Moloney of Colorado State University, and Jason LaTouche of Tarleton State University, and Rachel Stehle of Cuyahoga Community College for developing the ancillaries on this site.