Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: CI: Confidential Informants
Description: This video clip explores the use of paid and confidential informants in Memphis, TN.

Video 2: GIS: On the Job—Crime Analyst
Description: This video clip shows how the Alexandria City (VA) Police Department crime analysts use GIS, to help police officers analyze and prevent crimes.

Audio 1: The Case Of A Confidential Informant Gone Wrong
Description: This audio clip tells the story of Guillermo Eduardo Ramirez Peyro, who worked as a confidential informant with several federal agencies.

Audio 2: Confidential Informers Play Complex Role For Federal Bureau of Investigation
Description: This audio clip discusses a case the New York City Police Department built against an individual suspected of building bombs, to detonate in New York City.

Web Link 1: Learning About Crime Analysis
Description: This Internet article on the International Association of Crime Analysts, explains crime analysis as both a technique and a profession.

Web Link 2: Chapter 3: The Attorney General's Guidelines Regarding the Use of Confidential Informants
Description: This Internet article from the Office of the Inspector General discusses the benefits, risks, and best practices for using confidential informants.