Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Telly Award Winning Rialto Police Department Recruitment Video
Description: This is the award winning, 2016 recruitment video for the Rialto Police Department.

Video 2: San Diego Regional Academy - 95th Grad Video
Description: This video clip shows the different types of training police cadets complete in the training provided by the San Diego Regional Academy.

Audio 1: Dallas Pioneered Recent Efforts To Improve Police Training
Description: The executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum in Washington, D.C. Chuck Wexler, discusses improved training by the Dallas Police Department.

Audio 2: Effective Hiring Can Help Police Departments Build Community Trust
Description: In this audio clip, Renee Montagne talks to Maria Haberfeld of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, about how Baltimore can use effective hiring practices to build trust between a community and police.

Web Link 1: The Hiring Process
Description: This website (part of the International Association of Chiefs of Police) takes you through the basics of the hiring process for police agencies.

Web Link 2: Training and Academy Life
Description: This website provides information about the common topics that are covered during a law enforcement-training academy.