Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The challenges policing terrorism on social media
Description: Cavirin Systems CEO JD Sherry on efforts to police social media to help prevent terrorism.

Video 2: Countering Violent Extremism: Community Policing Strategies
Description: In this interview, David Schanzer discusses his study of community policing strategies for countering violent extremism.

Audio 1: American Police Learn Conflicting Lessons Of Terrorist Attacks
Description: This NPR audio clip discusses America’s preparedness for terrorist attacks.

Audio 2: Police Response To San Bernardino Stokes Militarization Fears
Description: This NPR audio clip discusses the concerns of militarization, when responding to terrorist attacks.

Web Link 1: Policing Terror: An Executive’s Guide
Description: This guide produced by the Community Oriented Policing Services office and the PopCenter provides strategies for policing terrorism that utilize community policing and problem-oriented policing strategies.

Web Link 2: The Role of Local Police in the War Against Terrorism
Description: This web article by In Public Safety discusses the role of local police in the fight against terrorism.