Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Identifying Police Officers at Risk of Adverse Events
Description: This videotaped lecture by Joe Walsh, Center for Data Science and Public Policy, University of Chicago, on the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department’s Early Intervention System.

Video 2: New Program in Dayton to Deal with Police Complaints
Description: This news report highlights a new proposal, put in place by the Dayton Police Department called the Officer/Citizen Mediation Project.

Audio 1: Database Shows Complaints Against Chicago Officer Charged In Teen’s Death
Description: This NPR audio clip includes Ari Shapiro talking with Jamie Kalven, cofounder of the Invisible Institute, which with the University of Chicago put together a database of police misconduct in Chicago.

Audio 2: Police Are Learning To Accept Civilian Oversight, But Distrust Lingers
Description: This NPR audio clip discusses the use of civilian review boards, for complaints against the police.

Web Link 1: Police Integrity and How to Improve It
Description: The National Institute of Justice website discusses police integrity, and includes links to current and recent research on the topic.

Web Link 2: Citizen Review of Police: Approaches & Implementation
Description: This National Institute of Justice Issues and Practices Report by Peter Finn discusses the use of citizen review boards.