Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Cleveland Police Foot Patrols Back On The Streets
Description: In this brief video clip, Newchannel 5 follows officers getting back in Cleveland neighborhoods, by leaving their patrol cars parked while they walk a beat, talking to business owners and residents.

Video 2: MPD: Hotspot policing making neighborhoods safer
Description: This brief news video clip shows Mobile Police Department engaging in hot-spots policing.

Audio 1: Changing How We Police Is Going To Be A Journey, Baltimore Chief Says
Description: In this audio clip, Baltimore Police Chief, Kevin Davis, talks about how he’s changed the way officers patrol the community after the Freddie Gray incident, which includes the addition of foot patrol.

Audio 2: Tampa, Fla., Police Investigated For Crackdown On Black Bicyclists
Description: This audio clip examines why the Tampa Police Department is under federal scrutiny, for the number of times officers have pulled over Black bicyclists.

Web Link 1: Practice Profile: Hot Spots Policing
Description: This internet article examines the available research on the effectiveness of hot-spots policing.

Web Link 2: Foot Patrols: Crime Analysis and Community Engagement to Further the Commitment to Community Policing
Description: This internet article by Kym Craven published in the e-newsletter of the community-oriented policing services office, discusses the role of foot patrol in community policing.