Discussion Questions

1. Describe some of the ways socializing agents (e.g., family, peers, the media, religion, schools) encouraged you to conform to traditional gender norms. Do you think you will encourage (or have you encouraged) your own children to conform to traditional gender norms? Why or why not?


2. Give two examples of side-effect gender discrimi­nation that lead to economic inequality between men and women.


3. How does gender socialization influence who runs for office and for whom we vote? How are female politicians treated by the media, com­pared to male politicians? How has that impacted your own perception of female politicians?


4. How does gender discrimination harm society? What could be done on your campus to improve the status of women or men? How might you join these efforts?


5. What are your career goals? Do they follow tradi­tional gender roles? Why or why not? How has your gender socialization impacted your career plans?


6. More women than men are now in college. How do you think this fact will impact gender roles on campus and in the larger society?