Discussion Questions

1. As you were growing up, did your parents encour­age you to try to influence your local community or society? Why or why not? Was their perspec­tive on power more like the pluralist or elite theo­retical perspective? Explain. How have their views about power influenced your own?


2. Is your family of origin part of what G. William Domhoff  refers to as the “power elite”? What makes you think so? Are you a member of the power elite? Why or why not? If you are not, what do you think your chances are of becoming a member of the power elite? Why?


3. Do you think that large corporations have undue influence over the U.S. government? Why or why not?


4. If you had the choice, would you rather live in a society with a planned/centralized economic sys­tem or market/capitalist economic system? Why?


5. How do conflict theorists explain terrorism? Do you agree? Why or why not? How would you sug­gest the U.S. government try to stem terrorism? What theoretical perspective do you think is most helpful in terms of understanding and dealing with terrorism? Why?