Discussion Questions

1. Cooley’s idea of the “looking-glass self” helps us understand that how we think other people view us influences our view of ourselves. How has your sense of your ability to succeed in college been influenced by the feedback you have processed from those around you (particularly teachers, peers, and family members)?


2. Socialization occurs throughout the life cycle. Into what role have you been socialized most recently? Who were the primary agents in this socialization process? Did you find the process relatively easy or difficult? Why?


3. Sociological studies have shown that middle-class and working-class parents tend to socialize their children differently. Explain the differences and describe how they relate to how you were socialized by your family of origin.


4. How has your socialization been influenced by television and video games? Do you think the extent to which these informal agents of social­ization influence children these days has a posi­tive or a negative impact on our society? Why?


5. If you were asked to create a government policy to promote positive socialization experiences that would strengthen our society, what might you propose? Why?