Discussion Questions

1. Think about the evolution of societies described in this chapter. In which type of society (hunter-gatherer, herding, horticultural, agricultural, industrial, or postindustrial) would you prefer to live? Why? In which would you most likely be (a) economically successful and (b) content? Why?


2. This chapter points out that today material culture “drives the globalization process.” Look around at what your classmates are wearing and carrying and come up with some examples that support that point.


3. Think of a subculture to which you belong. What are the norms, values, and material artifacts that distinguish members of your subculture from those who do not belong to it?


4. Every classroom has norms of behavior. Some are mores, and some are folkways. Describe two of each in a typical classroom at your school. How are both enforced? How do you help enforce these norms?


5. Are you part of a counterculture? Why or why not? In what ways might a counterculture benefit a society?