Discussion Questions

1. What is the latest technological device you or your family has acquired? How has it changed your life? What are the (a) intended and (b) unin­tended consequences of your having it?


2. Every organization must adapt to change. Describe how an organization to which you belong coped with change. Was the adaptation success­ful? Why or why not? What was your role? Did you feel as though you had some influence over the adaptation strategy? Why or why not?


3. Were you aware that the United States gives far less than the 0.7% of gross national product the United Nations has requested of nations, in order to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals to decrease poverty, illiteracy, famine, and dis­ease? Would be in the self-interest of the United States to contribute more or less? Why?


4. What type of social movement has helped bring about the dramatic increase in support for same-sex marriage over the past few years? Why? How do the results of this movement indicate the power of social movements to influence society at the micro, meso, and macro levels?


5. If you were to join a social movement today, which would you join? Why? What would you hope to achieve?