Photo Essay

Getting to School

Children of the Indigenous Nasa people in Colombia walk mountain paths long distances to get to school (top left) while eight year old Genesis Tuazon, rides in a row boat to go to her school in Manila (top right) and two girls in Togo (Africa) get to school via motorcycle (center left).  In In Cairo Egypt, some boys ride the front bumper of a public bus (center right), in China children cram onto motored tricycle (bottom left) , and in El Salvador, the back of a pickup truck serves the purpose (bottom right), though these later three seem high risk.


Questions to Consider:

  1. How might the length and difficulty of the trip to school impact children’s likelihood of succeeding in school?

  2. Should transportation to school be a family responsibility or the obligation of the state? Why?

  3. How did your commute to high school impact your education? Why?