Discussion Questions

1. Think of a problem that impacts you personally (e.g., the high cost of tuition, unemployment, or divorce) and explain how you would make sense of it differently if you viewed it as (a) only a personal problem or (b) influenced by a public issue. How do possible solutions to the problem differ depending on how you view it?


2. How can sociology help you become a more informed citizen and better able to understand how government policies impact society?


3. What are three ways the sociological perspec­tive can help you succeed in college and the workforce?


4. Think of some of the ways the social institutions of government and education are connected. Why is it in the interest of the government to sup­port higher education? How has government sup­port (or lack of support) impacted your college experience?


5. Imagine you would like to look at reasons behind the high college dropout rate in the United States. How might your explanations differ based on whether your analysis was on the micro, meso, or macro level? Why? Which level or levels would you focus on for your study? Why?