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Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice Fourth Edition offers students a practical and comprehensive introduction to statistics and highlights the integral role research and statistics play in the study of criminology and criminal justice. Packed with real-world case studies and contemporary examples utilizing the most current crime data and empirical research available, students not only learn how to perform and understand statistical analyses, but also recognize the connection between statistical analyses use in everyday life and its importance to criminology and criminal justice.

Written by two well-known experts in the field, Ronet D. Bachman and Raymond Paternoster continue to facilitate learning by presenting statistical formulas with step-by-step instructions for calculation. This “how to calculate and interpret statistics” approach avoids complicated proofs and discussions of statistical theory, without sacrificing statistical rigor. The Fourth Edition is replete with new examples exploring key issues in today’s world, motivating students to investigate research questions related to criminal justice and criminology with statistics and conduct research of their own along the way.


We gratefully acknowledge Ronet D. Bachman and Raymond Paternoster for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Teddy Wilson, Shelly McGrath, and Wesley Jennings for developing the ancillaries on this site.