Study Questions

  1. What is public health, and how has it changed over the last fifty years?
  2. What is TANF, and how has it affected the role of states and localities with regard to welfare policy responsibility? Why do states vary in their approach to state welfare policy?
  3. What is the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” and how did it change the dynamic between the federal government and the states?
  4. How do Medicaid and Medicare differ? Briefly discuss the history of each program.
  5. What was the devolution revolution? How did it affect state policymaking? Discuss in terms of welfare and healthcare policy.
  6. What is SCHIP, and how does it increase states' flexibility in regard to healthcare policy?
  7. How has the role of states and localities in managing healthcare policy changed since 1990? What are some issues currently facing state lawmakers with regard to expanding healthcare coverage?