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Audio: A Modern Mexico?:


Video: Coups in West Africa:
Video: Anniversary of 1964 Brazil Coup:
Video: Burma’s Unlikely Revolution from Above:
Video: The Revolutions of 1989:
Video: Really a Revolution?:
Video: Communist Takeover of China:
Video: Iranian Revolution, 1979:
Video: Interview with Nelson Mandela:
Video: Five Lessons For Nations in Transition:
Video: On Democratization in the Middle East:
Video: Why Egypt is Not a Good Example of Democratization:
Video: The Dictator’s Learning Curve:
Video: Putin’s 2008 Election:
Video: New Parallel PDP:
Video: Two Party System Will Deepen Nigeria’s Democracy:
Video: Levine and Molina on The Quality of Democracy:

Web Resources

Freedom House, Freedom in the World, 2016:
Global Integrity:
Polity IV Project, 2016, “Global Trends in Governance, 1800–2014”:
Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index:
Unified Democracy Scores: