Video and Multimedia

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Audio: Germany’s Painful Unemployment Fix:
Audio: How the Affordable Care Act Pays for Insurance Subsidies:


Video: Sweden’s March Towards Capitalism:
Video: Jobless in Germany:
Video: The American Welfare State:
Video: What is Single-Payer Health Care:
Video: British Health Care Explained:
Video: Cameron’s Reforms of NHS:
Video: Why are American Health Care Costs so High?:
Video: The Tragedy of the Commons:
Video: The Clean Air Act’s Legacy:
Video: Chinese Citizens Losing Patience With Air Pollution:

Web Resources

KOF Index of Globalization:
UN Millennium Project, Millennium Villages: A New Approach to Fighting Poverty:
United Nations University, World Institute for Development Economics Research, World Income Inequality Database:
World Bank, Economic Policy and External Debt: