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Video: Racial Profiling in Brooklyn:
Video: The Arab Spring in comparative political economic perspective:

Web Resources

CIA, World Factbook:
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Data Lab:
Pew Research Center, Pew Global Attitudes Survey 2010:
World Bank, Data (

Blogs and Bloggers:

Kai Arzheimer (Universität Mainz):
Chris Blattman (University of Chicago):
Council on Foreign Relations:
Dan Drezner (Tufts Univeristy):
The Disorder of Things:
Andrew Gelman (more research methods and statistics):
Lawyers, Guns, and Money:
Monkey Cage:
Tom Pepinsky (Cornell University):
The Plot: Politics Decoded:
Political Science Replication:
Politics Reconsidered:
Progress in Political Economy:
Public Lectures and Events: podcasts and videos (London School of Economics and Political Science):
Social Movements in World Politics:
Teaching Comparative:
Whiteoliphaunt: Duck of Minerva: