SAGE Journal Articles

Chapter 9

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Article 1: Poku, N. (August 1998) Constructivism and Third World Research. International Relations 14(2). 35-45.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What intervention is the author making with this article? What is her main argument and what is its importance to the literature?
  2. How does the author characterize a new understanding of the “Third World”? In what new ways should it be studied?
  3. What does a specifically constructivist approach have to offer?


Article 2:  Foot, R. & Walter, A. (June 2013). Global Norms and Major State Behaviour: The Cases of China and the United States. European Journal of International Relations 19(2). 329-352.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What is the main research problem the authors identify, and how do they intend to approach it?
  2. Describe the authors’ main findings. How do they explain the variations they find?
  3. What conclusions do they reach?