SAGE Journal Articles

Chapter 10

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Article 1: Tickner, J. A. (January 1993). States and Markets: An Ecofeminist Perspective on Political Economy. International Political Science Review 14(1). 59-69.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What is the author’s argument? What perspective(s) does she seem to take, and at what level of analysis is her essay focused? Ultimately, what are her goals?
  2. Create a timeline that illustrates the changing conceptions of nature Tickner describes.
  3. Describe the environmental perspective she provides on states, markets, and the international political economy.


Article 2: Sjoberg, L. (March 2011). Gender, the State, and War Redux: Feminist International Relations Across the “Levels of Analysis.” International Relations 25(1). 108-134.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Explain how the author is using the term “gender” and describe how she says it can be used analytically.
  2. Outline the critique Sjoberg makes in responding to Elshtain of the images “man,” “the state,” and “war.” How in her view are those categories affected by feminist analysis? 


Article 3: Skonieczny, A. (January 2010). Interrupting Inevitability: Globalization and Resistance. Alternatives 35(1). 1-28.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What “challenge” does the author present to the literature on globalization? What is her main argument?
  2. What type of approach does the author take in this article: what perspective does she seem to be employing, and what type of analytical method(s) does she use?
  3. What conclusions does she reach?