Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: How Tech Is Tackling Global Problems--Tech Weekly Podcast

Description: This podcast episode talks about how new tech is being used on the local level to create global change.

Learning Objective: 8.3: Discuss the role of technology in economic development across the globe.

Video Resources

Video 1: World Toilet Day Puts Spotlight on Sanitation Crisis

Description: This TIME video discusses the global sanitation crisis, as well as the United Nation’s goal for all people to have access to a safe toilet by 2030. 

Learning Objective: 8.1 Describe quantitative and qualitative dimensions of global wealth, poverty, and inequality.

Video 2: Yemeni Women Rally in Favour of Child Marriage Ban

Description: In this video, Yemeni women rally in favor of a proposed ban on child marriage.

Learning Objective: 8.2: Explain the relationship between armed conflict and poverty.

Web Resource

Web 1: Crude Politics

Description: This article explores how the broken oil industry in Nigeria affects everyday life.

Learning Objective: 8.4: Apply theoretical perspectives to analyze the existence and persistence of global inequality.