Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: Three Schools of Thought: Conflict Theory, Structural Functionalism, and Symbolic Interactionism

Description: This podcast episode reviews the three major sociological perspectives.

Learning Objective: 1.4: Identify key theoretical paradigms in the discipline of sociology.

Video Resources

Video 1: Sociological Imagination

Description: This video reviews Mills’s concept of the sociological imagination, highlighting the difference between “common sense” thinking and sociological thinking.

Learning Objective: 1.1: Describe the sociological imagination.

Video 2: What is Critical Thinking (and Why Should I Care)?

Description: This video serves as an introduction to critical thinking.

Learning Objective: 1.2: Understand the significance of critical thinking in the study of sociology.

Web Resource

Web 1: Famous Sociologists

Description: This list includes information about the most famous sociologists and their major contributions to the discipline.

Learning Objective: 1.3: Trace the historical development of sociological thought.