Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: John McAvoy: From Armed Robbery to Professional Athlete--One Man Reformed Through the Power of Sport

Description: In this podcast episode John McAvoy discusses how he was socialized into a life of crime.

Learning Objective: 4.2: Explain the significance of agents of socialization in the development of the self.

Video Resources

Video 1: Quiet Kid Learns to Cope in Prison

Description: In this National Geographic video, an inmate learns the norms of prison life.

Learning Objective: 4.4: Define the concept of total institutions.

Video 2: Erving Goffman and the Performed Self

Description: This BBC Radio video reviews Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical account of human interaction.

Learning Objective: 4.5: Theorize social interaction from a sociological perspective.

Web Resource

Web 1: The Looking-Glass Self, or How Others Shape Our Identities?

Description: This article reviews Charles Horton Cooley’s concept of the looking-glass self.

Learning Objective: 4.1: Describe how sociologists theorize the birth of the social self