Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry

Description: This article--available in print and in audio format--describes Japan’s rent-a-family industry.

Learning Objective: 11.5: Understand the relationship between globalization and family life, particularly for U.S. families and women from less-developed countries.

Video Resources

Video 1: The Changing American Family

Description: This video discusses changes in family formation and family life in the United States, including interracial and same-sex marriage.

Learning Objective: 11.3: Describe trends in family formation and family life in the U.S., including marriage, divorce, child care arrangements, and domestic violence, and describe family patterns in immigrant, Native American, and deaf families.

Video 2: Where Does the Nuclear Family From?

Description: This video discusses the origin of the nuclear family.

Learning Objective: 11.1: Explain key concepts sociologists use to study families.

Web Resource

Web 1: Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise

Description: This article explains how children from rich and poor families are raised in very different ways.

Learning Objective: 11.4: Explain what sociological research suggests about ways in which social class influences family formation and parenting practices.