Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: Malala Yousafzai on Her Fight for Female Education in Pakistan

Description: Malala Yousafzai--the youngest person to receive the Nobel Prize--discusses her fight for education for Pakistani girls.

Learning Objective: 10.6: Describe manifestations of inequality faced by women around the globe.

Video Resources

Video 1: Gender: The Space Between  

Description: This CBSN Original documentary follows the lives and stories of several transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, exploring the discrimination and violence they face as well as their resiliences and hopes.

Learning Objective: 10.1: Distinguish among sex, gender, and sexuality.

Video 2: A Class That Turned Around Kids’ Assumptions of Gender Roles!

Description: In this video, a firefighter, a surgeon, and a fighter pilot visit a classroom in order to challenge the children’s assumptions about gender roles.

Learning Objective: 10.2: Identify key agents of gender socialization.

Web Resource

Web 1: The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

Description: This article provides facts and figures about the gender pay gap.

Learning Objective: 10.4: Explain the sociological roots of the gender wage gap.