Video and Multimedia

Audio Resource

Audio 1: Hyper-Real Religion

Description: This podcast episode talks about fictional religions such as the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Jediism, and Dudeism that have gained very real followings.

Learning Objective: 13.1: Explain how sociologists approach the study of religion.

Video Resources

Video 1: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life

Description: This video discusses Durkheim’s contribution to the sociological study of religion, including his methodological perspective; the distinction between the sacred and the profane; and his understanding of the power of religion.

Learning Objective: 13.2: Apply classical and contemporary sociological perspectives to analyze the place of religion in human societies.

Video 2: Religious and Secular Nationalism

Description: This video explores the difference between religious and secular nationalism.

Learning Objective: 13.7: Discuss globalization’s effects on relations between religious groups.

Web Resource

Web 1: 5 Facts About U.S. Evangelical Protestants

Description: This article from the Pew Research Center provides data about American evangelical Protestants.

Learning Objective: 13.6: Discuss religion in the United States, including trends in affiliation and disestablishment, and the practice of civil religion.