Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Fighting For Bin Laden

Description: A special report—in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, FRONTLINE takes you inside two fronts of the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Video 2: The Link Between Unemployment and Terrorism

Description: Human rights advocate Mohamed Ali draws on stories from his native Mogadishu to make a powerful case for innovation incubators for our cities’ young and ambitious.

Video 3: How Fake Handbags Fund Terrorism and Organized Crime

Description: According to counterfeit investigator Alastair Gray, fakes like these fund terrorism and organized crime. Learn more about the trillion-dollar underground economy of counterfeiting—from the criminal organizations that run it to the child labor they use to produce its goods—as well as measures you can take to help stop it.

Audio 1: Terrorism, Extremism and the Law

Description: The independent reviewer of terrorism legislation David Anderson QC speaks to Joshua Rozenberg about striking the balance between fighting terrorism and protecting civil liberties.