Video and Multimedia

Video 1: Why Teens Confess to Crimes They Did Not Commit

Description: Why do juveniles falsely confess to crimes? What makes them more vulnerable than adults to this shocking, counterintuitive phenomenon? Through the lens of Brendan Dassey’s interrogation and confession (as featured in Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” documentary), developmental psychology professor and researcher Lindsay Malloy breaks down the science underlying false confessions and calls for change in the way kids are treated by a legal system designed for adults.

Video 2: Criminal Records

Description: Whitman County District Court Judge Douglas Robinson explains that often people perform illegal acts that they believe will not affect them in the future. In reality, those unlawful actions have major consequences and long-lasting effects.

Video 3: Trait Theory

Description: Learn how our traits make up our personality by taking a look at different psychologists’ perspectives in how the Trait Theory came to be.

Web Link 1: Developmental Psychology

Description: This website discusses developmental psychology.