Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this chapter, the reader should be able to:

7.1 Describe the current state of the prison system and the factors that affect it.
7.2 Identify the different types of prisons and their classifications.
7.3 Discuss the cost/benefit analysis of the value of prison.
7.4 Explain what prisonization, mortification, importation, pains of imprisonment, and mature coping are and how they influence inmate behavior.
7.5 Explain what prison gangs are and why they exist in prisons.
7.6 Identify the reasons why violence, riots, and sexual assaults occur in prisons and be familiar with some strategies for their reduction.
7.7 State why care for aging inmates, physically ill inmates, and inmates with mental illnesses in prisons has become such an issue.
7.8 Recognize the need to respect the needs of LGBTQ+ inmates.
7.9 Identify the challenges faced in prisons housing those seeking asylum.