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Video 1.1: The Scars of Stop and Frisk

Description: A short documentary film on New York’s stop-and-frisk policing focuses on Tyquan Brehon, a young man in Brooklyn who says he was stopped more than 60 times before age 18.

Video 1.2: Self Incrimination

Description: Flynn rejects Trump–Russia investigation subpoena; Democrats say he lied on background check.

Video 1.3: American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone

Description: Officers have been removing Americans from airport terminals or their vehicles, demanding access to citizens' smartphones and social media accounts.

Video 1.4: Murder suspect denied probable cause hearing in Rathgeber slaying

Description: A Warrick County judge on Wednesday denied Isaiah Hagan a hearing to challenge the evidence for charging him in the April slaying of Halee Rathgeber.