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Peter G. Northouse’s bestselling Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, Fourth Edition, provides readers with a clear overview of the complexities of practicing leadership and concrete strategies for becoming better leaders. The text is organized around key leader responsibilities such as creating a vision, establishing a constructive climate, listening to out-group members, and overcoming obstacles. Grounded in leadership theory, yet accessible and reader-friendly, the fully updated Fourth Edition reflects the latest research and includes new coverage of culture, diversity, the dark side of leadership, emotional intelligence, and change management.


We gratefully acknowledge Peter G. Northouse for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Isolde Anderson of Hope College, Matthew Creasy of the University of Delaware, Jeff Paul of the University of Tulsa, Lou Sabina of Stetson University, Andrea Smith-Hunter of Siena College, and Douglas Threet of Foothill College for developing the resources on this site.