Links to Professional Resources

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1. Broadcast Law Blog

This is a blog produced by David Oxenford, an attorney representing radio and TV broadcasters and webcasters on regulatory, transactional and music licensing issues.

Follow on Twitter: @davidoxenford

2. CommLawBlog

This blog is produced by Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, a law firm specializing in telecommunications law and regulation and provides updated information about radio, television, cable, DBS, MVPD, and internet legal issues, among others.

Follow on Twitter: @CommLawBlog

3. CommLawCenter

This is a Pillsbury legal blog featuring breaking news and analysis of Communication and Business Law. Its sections include FCC Headlines, Telecom, Television, Radio, Cable, LPFM, and more.

Follow on Twitter: @Comm_Law_Center

4. Federal Communications Commission

The FCC’s website contains a breadth of information about electronic media regulation. Many of the website’s features are written in non-legal language and are intended for the general public.

Follow on Twitter: @FCC

5. National Association of Broadcasters

The NAB represents broadcast station owners and broadcast networks. This site contains information and data about the radio and TV broadcasting industries.

Follow on Twitter: @NAB

6. NCTA: The Internet & Television Association

The NCTA represents many cable TV system and cable network owners. This site offers information about these areas of the electronic media.

Follow on Twitter: @NCTACable

7. Radio Television Digital News Association

This site includes considerable information pertinent to those interested in the electronic media’s news reporting functions.

Follow on Twitter: @RTDNA