Links to Professional Resources

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1. American Law Sources On-line

This site contains links to a wide array of original legal sources and legal commentary.

2. Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

This site provides an international (British) perspective on this foundational legal doctrine.

3. Center for Teaching the Rule of Law

This site contains resources and teaching materials about the global rule of law.

4. Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit organization focused on defending digital liberties, such as privacy and free expression.

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5. FindLaw

This website offers links to the annotated text of each Amendment to the Constitution, discussion of the Supreme Court cases affected by the Court’s interpretation of the First Amendment, and an overview of the relevant case law.

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6. Internet Law Library

This website includes links to internet law articles, cases and statutes.

7. Justia

This website contains links to access federal, Supreme Court, appellate court, and district court cases and decisions.

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This online law dictionary enables you to search for definitions of legal terms as well as correct legal phrases to describe specific concepts.

9. Library of Congress Law Library

This is the home page of the Law Library from the Library of Congress, which offers links and resources on federal, international, and multinational law.

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10. Legal Information Institute

Cornell Law School offers this website, which provides primary legal sources, including federal and state statues and Supreme Court decisions and case updates. It also includes a legal encyclopedia and an introduction to basic legal citation, as well as educational materials on various legal topics.

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11. Oyez

This multimedia site about the U.S. Supreme Court offers links to the Court’s history, pending cases, and audio of oral arguments before the Court and more.

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12. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and its staff attorneys have provided free legal resources, support, and advocacy to protect the First Amendment and freedom of information rights of journalists working in areas where U.S. law applies, regardless of the medium in which their work appears.

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13. SCOTUSblog

This blog provides comprehensive Supreme Court news coverage and commentary.

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14. The Student Press Law Center

The Student Press Law Center (SPLC) offers a variety of resources for student journalists. This guide offers a helpful overview of libel law and how student journalists can avoid trouble.

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15. The Supreme Court Database: Washington University Law School 

This website provides data about Supreme Court cases organized by citation, docket, issue, or Justice.

16. UNC School of Law First Amendment Law Review

This is an academic journal focused on First Amendment issues. The FALR also publishes First Amendment newsflashes about high-profile First Amendment news items.

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